Great performance of Team NL in Sotchi 2014

An amazing 24 medals were won during the Olympic Games in Sotchi 2014 by Team NL. A fantastic record!
These impressive results were achieved by sports talents focusing on both themselves and on their sport while at the same time they were provided with the best equipment and guidance.
Achievements of which Gerbing is proud. We at Gerbing would like to give tribute to our specially designed heated training pants.

Scientific research of the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) has shown that the effect of keeping different muscle groups warm AFTER the warm-up period, especially in explosive sports, has had a positive effect.

“At the top the margins are small, so we have to be clever in giving our athlethes the best possible equipment like the heated sport pants”, says Kamiel Maasse, former Olympian of NOC*NSF. “At the top sport margins are small and as a small nation we must try to outsmart the bigger countries”.

Heated sports pants could possibly just give that little extra which will produce the ultimate performance in competitions in which one thousandth of a second can make the difference.

With dozens of years of experience in the proven technology of Microwire® heating that was originally designed for the Gerbing heated jacket, heated socks and heated gloves for motorcyclists and other outdoor use, now Gerbing has developed specially heated sports pants/trousers.

Together with Sportconfex in Assen, a highly respected and in the sporting industry a well known manufacturer of sporting clothing the heated pants were developed. The high-tech polyamide-lycra heated pants can be completely taken apart by two long zippers on the side of the leg. The Microwire® heating system is completely laminated into the fabric in order to maintain maximum stretch.
This technology is so groundbreaking that Gerbing is in the process of acquiring the patent on this product.

Gerbing will continue to invest in high-end technology and will not only keep motorcyclists and outdoor enthusiasts warm, but it will also provide top athletes with the opportunity to achieve maximum performance.