Heated motorcycle clothing

Gerbing originally started with electrically heated gloves for motorcyclists. The heated inner jacket soon followed as one of the better products in the range. But of course our heated clothing is not just for motorcyclists. Also consider the following audience that has a 12-volt battery on board: quad drivers, convertible drivers, fishermen (on a boat), ultra-light flyers. It is possible to purchase a battery for each item separately for short-term use of our heated clothing. But with a connection to a vehicle battery you have permanent power, so that the heated gloves and/or the heated jacket or heated socks can continue to provide you with warmth for hours.

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In short: heated motorcycle clothing from Gerbing offers you all the protection, whatever Mother Nature has in store for you. All our heated clothing has been tested in the most extreme conditions. For example, our heated jacket, where you can connect the heated gloves by means of a temperature controller, will easily keep you warm at 130 km/h and down to -20C degrees. That’s our guarantee! Keeping you warm in the most extreme conditions.

Gerbing is the only one who can offer a lifetime warranty on the heating system due to the unique patented heating system. You will find that all your outdoor sports activities will be much more fun with electrically heated motorcycle clothing. After all: even if you are riding your motorcycle through the most beautiful areas, if you are cold you only think about one thing: warmth! And that’s what our heated gloves and, of course, the heated jacket provide.