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What happens if I get wet?

Nothing. All of our wiring is sealed with carbon fibre and there would be no shock from getting wet.

Can I use one temperature controller to power two people?

No, each person must have his or her own power cord and temperature controller. The power cord would be overloaded with two outfits.

Can I use the dual temperature controller for two people?

No. The same power cord is used and would be overloaded.

Which plug on the jacket is for power in?

The plug closest to the main zipper is the power in. The next plug (middle plug) on the wired jackets is the power in for gloves. The plug furthest away from the main zipper (female) is the accessory plug for connecting to your trousers.

How much power will I draw off the battery?

That depends on which garment(s) you are using. Refer to the standard form for reference.

Can my electrical system handle the draw?

Check the watts for each item of clothing that you will wear and up the total watts of all items. Refer to your owner’s manual and/or dealer to look up the available wattage of your electrical system.

Is my heated clothing waterproof?

Gerbing’s outerwear products and gloves are constructed to conform to the industry standards of waterproofing and will keep you dry. Gerbing’s outerwear is constructed with a waterproof outer layer, or face fabric.

The main function of the face fabric is to provide a durable outer shell. To make the face fabric waterproof, the inside of the fabric is laminated with a urethane coating that provides a protective moisture membrane. In addition, all seams are tape sealed and our outerwear fabrics have a durable water-repellent coating (DWR) which is a chemical treatment that forces water to bead up and roll off the surface of the fabric.

Gerbing’s gloves (excluding glove liners and H7 gloves) are all constructed with a waterproof/breathable membrane to keep your hands dry. However, the leather is not waterproof and should be treated.

Can I wear my liner as an outer jacket?

Not when you are riding. The fabric and stitching are not made to withstand excessive wind, but are instead meant to be worn under a wind-resistant jacket. You may wear them as an outer jacket when walking around.

Can I wash my Gerbing's jacket liners, pants, or socks?

Yes, hand wash in laundry detergent and hang to dry.

How tightly can I package, roll, or twist my garments?

You may pack, twist, or roll your liner as small as you can ANY Gerbing’s Heated Clothing.

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