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Heated clothing

Gerbing are leaders in electric heated clothing. Our collection includes; heated gloves, heated trousers, heated jackets and heated socks. These products increase comfort and safety when suffering from the cold and are available for motorcycle use and outdoor use. All our products can be connected to a 12v battery of a vehicle or to portable batteries. Gerbing sets the standard in heated clothing and offers a lifetime warranty on their Microwire® heating elements.

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Our heated clothing is not only suitable for people who are always cold, especially during the winter, due to poor blood circulation but also for people who suffer from rheumatism or other medical conditions. Currently our main market is:

Motorcycle products

Gerbing provides a wide assortment of motorcycle heated products. These include the hybrid heated motorcycle glove especially designed for touring and with extra knuckle protection (XRL, XR and XRW heated gloves), basic heated gloves (GT), glove liner (OT), heated jacket, heated trousers and heated socks.

There are people who are always cold due to poor blood circulation, including artheritics or individuals with other disorders such as Raynauds disease. We are proud of the fact that we can help these people to have a more comfortable life. People who work outside or practise other outdoor activities can also benefit from our heated clothing. It will keep you warm and safe no matter what you do! Gerbing has a lot of fans including.
All the products in this section can be connected to one of our batteries. All the products can be connected to each other. This means that you can use a heated jacket, heated gloves, trousers and heated socks with only one battery cable. Gerbing gives a life time warranty on the heating elements.

Outdoor products

For any outdoor activity, we have our outdoor collection when you don’t want to be connected to a vehicles battery like all the products for motorcycle use. We have outdoor heated gloves like the OS, OM and the ETO heated gloves and heated socks. With Gerbing’s heated clothing every activity can be enjoyable, even when it’s freezing cold.

All of the products in this outdoor section are ready to go. This means that all heated clothing in this section is sold with a 1Ah, 2Ah or a 3Ah battery kit. All our gloves have a push button to regulate the tempertaure. This push button has three different settings.
All of the Gerbing products utulizes the Microwire® heat technology. There is a Dutch patent pending on the motorcycle heated gloves and outdoor heated gloves, which are the most durable heated gloves in the world!