Batteries & Temperature Control

Gerbing has a wide range of batteries so that every product can be used autonomeously with our new batteries which can be used for all of our products. Motorcycle and outdoor heated products. For the heated glove range we have especially developed the 1Ah, 2Ah and Ah battery kit. These batteries can be used in our new XRL, GT, XRW, OM, OS and ETO heated gloves.

The batteries and temperature controllers from Gerbing:

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Batteries and temperature control

The 5Ah and the 9Ah are relatively bigger batteries and are optional batteries to power your heated garment. The 5Ah and the Ah battery comes with a handy belt which you can put around your waist so you can store the battery. The 5Ah battery KIT and the 10Ah battery KIT are especially designed to use for the OT and XR heated gloves. Also they can be used for our heated socks, heated jacket liner and heated pant liner. The 1Ah, 2Ah and 3Ah batteries can be stored in a designated pocket in the cuff of the longer gloves like the XRL heated gloves, the GT heated gloves, XRW gloves, OM heated mittens, OS gloves and the ETO gloves.

Due to the fact that the weather changes every day and that people use our heated clothing for extended periods we have developed a temperature controllers so you can control the heat. We have a controller for our heated jacket liner and our heated pant liner. All our gloves have a push button on the glove to set the temperature you want. Heat is very personal and therefor we always recommend that you use a temperature controller when you use one or more of our heated products.