Electrically heated clothing

Gerbing has an extensive range of electrically heated clothing that can be used for various outdoor activities. Gerbing has been working for years to make riding a motorcycle a lot safer and more enjoyable. With our collection of heated products and in particular the heated motorcycle gloves and heated jacket, we have turned many motorcyclists into real Gerbing riders. But of course we have not forgotten all those other people who are nickeling in the cold while skiing, hiking, cycling, cheering on children at football games, golfing, fishing, etc.

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For example, we have devised the OS heated sports gloves for skiing and cycling. These are textile gloves with extra reinforcement in the palm for more grip. The OH heated hunting gloves are again extremely suitable for hunting. The ETO (Extrem Tough Outdoor) heated gloves are smooth leather leisure gloves and to complete the collection we also have the OM heated mittens.

All these gloves can also be used for normal daily activities such as walking the dog, waiting for the children in the schoolyard or attending events.