A modern classic and our number one seller. Designed to be easily worn under outer garments with just a single layer underneath. Our heated liners and unique heating system allow you to wear your existing outerwear while providing an even distribution of warmth throughout the body.

Constructed from a soft shell, wind-resistant, soft nylon shell making for very lightweight and highly compressible garments. The perfect items to pack for those trips with unpredictable weather conditions. The heated jacket has a heat output of 77 Watts, which makes it the hottest product Gerbing has to offer.

The heated jacket has 3 plugs coming out for power to different products. One plug (red) is main power for the heated jacket. The blue one is the power connection plug for the heated gloves which can be connected to the sleeves of the jacket. The third plug is the accesory plug (yellow) so you can connect your heated trousers or heated pants to. or with a normal y-cable you can connect the heated socks to the third yellow plug.

There is over 30 meters of heating wire in our heated jacket. We guarantee you that it will keep you warm even in arctic temperatures! The heated jacket is Gerbing’s best product, since it will keep the corps warm, which makes the vital organs warm when it’s cold outside. When your vital organs are warm, your body ends (hands and feet) will stay warmer too. Dial in your comfort with the best product Gerbing has to offer: the heated jacket.


Heat MicrowirePRO® Heating
Source 12V DC
Current 6.5A
Surface temperature 57°C +/- 2°C at 0°C
Available sizes XXS – XXXL


  • Heating pads on the chest, back, collar, and sleeves
  • Compressable, water-repellent, durable, Thinsulate® insulation soft shell
  • Inside and outside pockets
  • Silky soft micro denier collar
  • Firm-fitting patterns and sizing to fit snugly and easily under your outer motorcycle garments
  • Glove plugs to connect the heated motorcycle gloves to the sleeve plugs
  • Glove plug pockets placed on the sleeves to secure the plugs when not in use
  • Dual 2 wiring configuration (for one user only). This means the heated gloves can be set on a different heat level
  • Lifetime warranty on heating elements


  • Battery life may vary depending on ambient temperature. The battery capacity decreases as it gets colder. At temperatures below 0°C, the capacity will still be +/- 80%.
  • It is very important to understand that our 12 volt products are designed to keep you warm in the most extreme cold situations. That is why it is very important to check your skin regularly when using our products in warmer weather conditions. Our 12 volt products will feel warmer when the temperature rises and it can cause burns. Our advice is to use a temperature controller at all times. An outside temperature of 5 °C and below is the ideal temperature for our heated products. Remember: warmth is very personal.
  • To prolong the life of the batteries, keep them charged to a minimum of 25% at all times, even when the batteries are not turned on or not in use. Think of the summer period. Therefore, charge the batteries once a month. (Tip: note this in your agenda).

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