Gerbing has been known for decades as the kit to keep motorcyclists warm in the most extreme conditions. Long distant Ice riding trips up to the Arctic have been conducted to help develop the warmest heated clothing the world has ever seen.

We are proud that people who also suffer from the cold in other outdoor activities, such as skiing, hunting and fishing are also utilizing our line of heated clothing especially the 7v gloves which, like our 12v gloves, have a Dutch patent on the heating system.

At shows and rallies we got more and more requests for us to develop a pair of ladies heated gloves. Now in the autumn of 2014, with winter approaching fast, we are proud to announce the newest glove in our 12v collection of gloves, the ladies W-12 heated gloves !

These gloves have a sleek design and use pre-curved fingers for fantastic feel and grip. They are made of latest fabrics including the highest possible quality of full-analine cowhide leather. They also have solid knuckle protection to keep you safe in the most extreme conditions on the road. The glove is stylish and the fitting is made especially for the smaller ladies hands.

These heated womans gloves are made with our hybrid heating system. This means like the T-12 heated gloves and the XR-12 heated gloves, the cuff has a special pocket to store the optional B12V-1400 portable batteries. These batteries have 3 heat settings and using these batteries powers the gloves for 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on where you have set the battery power output.

If not using teh optional battery pack you can easily connect your new pair of W-12 ladies gloves by using the battery hook up and junior controller that comes with all Gerbing heated gloves. If you have a Gerbing jacket liner they can be powered by using the plugs which come out of the sleeve of the Gerbing heated jacket liner.