Diving to a new world record with heated clothing from Gerbing!

Johan de With from Nunspeet (the Netherlands) has crushed the world record deep diving in cold open water. He dove to 169 meters which is 7.5 meters more than the previous world record. “Lucky for me I was wearing my Gerbing heated waistcoat, heated gloves and heated socks. Most people do not realize that in such dept it is only 4 degrees Celsius cold. If it takes you about three hours to come back up again you can imagine that it is pretty cold. Fortunately I had found a warm partner in Gerbing”.

Johan de With contacted Gerbing after some trial dives. Due to the fact that he had to spend so many hours in the cold water he realized that the cold would be a serious threath to succeed his world record attempt. “Because I am diving in a dry suit I was convinced that I could use some heated products and connect it to a portable battery”.

“After trying on some heated products I decided to use the heated waistcoat, heated glove liners and the heated socks. I connected these items to a powerfull portable battery (B12V-5200 KIT). The big question ofcourse was if the battery could survive in a dept of 165 meter due to the pressure. I was convinced that it was possible”.

The dive went according to plan. With a descent of 12 meters per second he was at 169 meters in just a few minutes. After that it took Johan de With around three hours to get back up again at the surface. “It is great to accomplish such a dept together with Gerbing. It does not matter if you jump from 30 kilometers from a balloon (Felix Baumgartner) or dive to 169 meters: Gerbing will keep you warm at any time and almost everywhere”!